May 17, 2008


Race report to follow as I'm pooped after running on my favorite trail and then driving home in driving rain and high winds. In the meantime, enjoy the view of a double rainbow over Lake Superior Friday evening (the second rainbow is tough to see, but you may be able to spot it faintly on the right side of the photo. I took this from my campsite at Temperance River.


phillip said...

I saw a double rainbow, too, closer to Hinckley on the drive home. #1 was very very bright and all colors stood out. #2 appeared more like a duller reflection. I wonder if there is a name, other than 'double rainbow' for the phenomen. I also wonder if there can be three or four in the same line. . . .
Nice seeing you at Superior, Kel.

Kel said...

I saw that one too Phillip. Hope you had a good run at Superior - it was perfect running weather!