December 20, 2009

Races That Intrigue Me

So, I'm still trying to decide what races to run in 2010. There are lots of interesting runs out there, and which ones I do will more likely come down to cash flow (or lack thereof after swallowing a $1200 per month pay cut in October that isn't likely to turn around any time soon). But, I can still dream and put a few things on a "to do" list for when things finally do turn around.

In no particular order:

Bandera 100K - they have a 50K too, but if I'm going to go all the way to the hill country of west Texas, I may as well go for the longer distance. They bill this race as "A Trail Run of Rugged and Brutal Beauty where everything Cuts, Stings, or Bites." It's held in early January when most of the critters (particularly scorpions and rattlesnakes) are less active. Still plenty of cacti and wild boars to cut you up ;)

Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile - another Texas race (this one on the east side of the state), sounds like a relatively flat course with generous cut offs, but it won't be happening this year. Carl finished his first 100 miler here last year and gave it good marks.

Kettle Moraine 100K - so far, this is the one that's been tuggin' at me the most. Seriously considering doing this one in 2010.

McNaughton 50 Mile - another one that I am seriously considering this year. Generous cut offs, within driving distance, and a trail that I've never run before. Word is: MUD! I'm not a huge fan of loops, and this one would be 5 x 10 miles. It will probably be this one or Ice Age depending on finances. We'll see.

Ice Age 50 Mile - I did the 50K last year, and it was.....OK. The 50 mile spends more time on the Ice Age single track rather than the Nordic Loop, and it would be a good last long training run for Kettle. Strong possibility for 2010.

Marquette 50K / 50 Mile - would require a moderately long drive to the U.P. but would be doable. And it's near Lake Superior :)

North Country Trail 50 Mile - might be fun to take the car ferry across Lake Michigan rather than drive down through Chicago and back up to Manistee, run the 50 on what sounds like fairly non-technical hilly single track (2 x 25 mile loop), and I could combine it with a family visit. The race has a 14 hour cut off, free beer at the end, nice swag, and is at the end of August a week after Marquette. Seriously considering this one for 2010, which would mean no Marquette and most likely no Superior fall races.

Bighorn 50K / 50 Mile - sounds like a beautiful course, and I love the Rocky Mountains!

Oil Creek 50 Mile - sounds like gnarly single track trail through a very unique area of PA, and I could combine it with a family visit if I drive. I love gnarly single track :)

Superior 50 Mile - Speaking of gnarly single track, the Superior Hiking Trail is one of my favorite places on Earth. I'm more likely to do this one in 2011.

Wild Duluth - I had originally planned on doing the 50K this year, but ended up running the 50 mile at Surf the Murph instead. I think this will always be a tug of war since Surf the Murph is a 15 minute drive from home with no gas, food, or lodging expenses, and the two races are most likely going to be only a week apart if Les moves the Murph up a week earlier for 2010 like he mentioned. However, Wild Duluth takes place on a great part of the Superior Hiking Trail, and it's not that far.... Oh, the decisions!

Voyageur - another North Woods classic that's close to home, but in need of a new RD. Perhaps the half this year or next?

Dances With Dirt Bloodied, Boned, Bruised, and Burned Series - actually 4 different races that take place in 4 different locations, 3 of them in the Midwest (Hell, MI, Devil's Lake, WI, and Gnaw Bone, IN). Spring, summer, fall, and winter are all represented! And a trip to Florida in winter to run an ultra would be cool to round out the series.

Mohican 50 Mile - another one that I could combine with a family visit.

Shadow of the Giants 50K - running through a forest filled with giant redwood trees near Yosemite National Park. Wow.

Pacific Coast Trail Runs - pretty much any or all of them! I've never been to the west coast, and that's got to change ;)

Those are just a hand full of the trail races out there that sound like fun! Time to get over to the club and log a few miles on the treadmill or do a few miles in the Vibram Five Fingers on the indoor track. If I show up at least 12 times a month, I get 20 bucks back ;)

December 2, 2009

Snowshoeing at Afton

Got the Afton State Park newsletter from Assistant Park Manager Rachel today, and it's got info about a new snowshoeing class that will meet at the park's visitor center. Classes will run from 2-3 pm on the following dates:

Dec 13
Jan 10
Jan 24
Feb 7
Feb 14

Classes will be taught by UMTR member Jim McDonell (who is also in charge of the brand spankin' new Braveheart Snowshoe Race Series) and is open to all abilities. Afton has some snowshoes available to rent if you need them :)

For more info or to register (no mention if the class is free, but snowshoe rentals are $6), call 651-436-5391.