August 30, 2008

Last Dance Before Moose

Today was my last trail run before heading up the Shore for the Moose Mountain Marathon (aka kiddie fun run) this Friday. Headed out to Hyland Lake where I saw more people running the trails than ever before - except during Trail Mix. Did about 10K on most of the Trail Mix course (cut out the loop towards Richardson and the ski hill). Also did a strength training workout for the upper body before running.

I had a pretty horrendous week as far as training goes. Work has been extremely busy (a good thing), but has left me exhausted after pulling 12 hour shifts every day. Only ran once (4 miles yesterday) since my Afton run last weekend. Hope to get a short tempo run in early this week as well as a short easy run or two. Perhaps a barefoot hike too. Then a day or two off.

Hope to get out of the Twin Cities late Friday morning and perhaps catch a glimpse of my 100 miler buddies at one of the aid stations on the way up to Lutsen. They start their journey Friday morning: while I'm at work, they will be running. When I'm eating lunch, they will be running. When I'm driving 5+ hours up to the pre-race meeting and packet pick up, they will be running. When I'm stuffing myself with pasta the evening before my race, they will be running. When I'm sleeping, they will be running. When I get up in the morning and have a pre-race breakfast, they will be running. When I get on the bus to get shuttled to the start of the marathon, they will be running. When I finally get started on my own journey, they will still be running. I will probably have a chance to share the trail with a few of them when we'll all be running.

Now you know why the marathon seems like a kiddie fun run ;)

Best wishes to all Superior trail runners next weekend!


phillip said...

HOPEFULLY running . . . not dropping.

Driving on Hwy #61 you can start doing the math where the Sawtoothers are at as you're passing by.

If you figure out where the back of the pack is, toot your horn 'cause I'll be there and just might hear you through the woods, maybe on an outcropping.

I'll wave :)

The Moose Mountain Marathon has the coolest name . . . .

Best on the Trail,
Phillip Gary Smith

Londell said...

A few years ago before the 50 miles, I stopped at 34 miles mark (Tettegouche) and caught several runners. I got there at about 4:30 and left there at 5:45. Made pick-up and stuff easy. Was a hike of about 1/2 mile to station. Was a good hike. Hope to see you! BTW: Love the summary "they will be running"...

keith said...

Woo! I'm getting excited now!

Wayne said...

Kel, what a great write-up of how much extra time and effort the 100 milers will be putting in. It was so good, Keith decided that what seems like the kiddie fun run isn't going to be enough. :)

It'll be enough for me, which is why I'm blown away by those going 2x and 4x farther.

Karen G said...

I feel so whimpy doing the 50. hope to see yo up there.

Carl Gammon said...

Best of luck to you, Kel. Have fun and enjoy the day. If I'm on my planned pace, I should be coming through County Rd 1 right in the middle of the marathon start. Don't trample me as you run by!

MN Ultra Runner said...

Hey Kel,
Best of luck Saturday! Hope to see you somewhere on the trail...if not I'll see you at Caribou.

Matthew Patten said...

give 'em heck Kel.

Look forward to seeing you somewhere on Friday.

Relax and have fun. That's my plan

Jean said...

Good luck to you, Kel! I hope you have a fantastic experience running the Moose! :) Look forward to hearing your report. Enjoy the weekend!