September 12, 2008

Hat Tip

RD Larry & Colleen

When races are run well, it's easy to forget the countless hours of hard work done by dozens of people who work behind the scenes to make the event what it is. They do their jobs so well that they become invisible to the folks who are out enjoying the trail. We forget that someone had to design the logo for the race, get shirts/hats/mugs/brochures/etc. printed and distributed, get trophys/medals/buckles made, secure permits/permission from land owners to run on any given trail that particular day, get permits or make reservations to use certain rooms or buildings for "race headquarters" during the event, make up the goody bags and pre-race packets, secure sponsors, hang banners, get timing equipment and set it up, market the race, arrange for medical/first aid, enlist ham radio operators, buy food and prepare it for the aid stations, recruit volunteers to work aid stations, mark and sweep the course, get runners registered (early and at the last minute), post results, arrange for catering post race food, lug the awards down to the finish line and distribute them to the winners, and clean up the mess after everyone else has left. I'm sure there are several other jobs that I've forgotten to mention.

Here is a tip of the hat to the volunteers who work behind the scenes so the rest of us can have some fun on the trail! The pictures I have happen to be from the Superior fall races, but this hat tip is for anyone who has ever volunteered to work an event. And if you haven't done it yourself, you should ;)
Just a few of the folks to thank for an awesome gathering at the fall Superior Trail Races:
Temperance Aid Station
Tettagouche Aid Station
Sawbill/Britton Peak Aid Station
Cramer Road Aid Station
Silver Bay Aid Station
Oberg Aid Station
Marathon check in crew, who also served as... ...the finish line crew.
Thank you all volunteers! Our great trail races wouldn't be nearly as awesome without you!


scott said...

Kel - it's so nice of all you runners to acknowledge us volunteers. I know I have always appreciated aid station workers when I run. I'm sure I will use up all of my banked karma when I run these next year and lean on the AS crews!

keith said...

that was very thoughtful of you!

Heidi said...

As a volunteer, Thank You! It's nice to hear stuff like this when we work so hard.
Sonju Aid Station Volunteer;Heidi Pederson RD daughter.

Julie B said...

I love this post regarding the Volunteers. They are an incredible group; the hours that they pour into this race, especially, to take care of us. Feeding us, hydrating us, making us laugh, telling us we look good, standing around waiting for us, rushing for us when a bunch come in at the same time. They are incredible. I love that you have acknowledged them here. Way to go!