October 2, 2008

Surf the Murph and Other Stuff

As if running all 12 races in the 2008 Minnesota Trail Run Series wasn't enough, I decided to tug on the Big Girl Panties and ante up for my first ultra - Surf the Murph 50K at Murphy Hanrehan park on Nov 1. It will be 4 loops of the following:

Surf the Murph Course Map

I'll need to do a somewhat respectable time in order to finish the race, go home, shower, grab whatever potluck thingy I need to bring to the first annual Upper Midwest Trail Runners awards fest, and drive to Hastings for the party. November 1 will be a busy day!

Also in November - the release of the Cities 97 Sampler! This year will be a double disc and I got the set list yesterday.

Good luck to all who are running in the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend! After you've pounded yourselves into oblivion on the pavement, come and join us in the dirt for some real fun ;)


SteveQ said...

First ultra? How exciting! I just might have to be there. I will be at the UMTR awards fest, of course.

Wayne said...

Woohoo, first ultra!! It certainly will be a full day.
Somehow the whole 'get cleaned up' thought never came to me. This group will understand, don't ya think?? I sure hope so... :)

keith said...

congrats for taking the leap!! good luck, kel!

Karen G said...

I missed getting the city sampler last year, I was on my way to Texas for a race and my daughter who was supposed to get one for me got there too late. I hope I get one this year.
Have fun training for your first Ultra.

Helen said...

Great stuff - good luck with the first ultra! See you at the Awards fest if not on the trail.

Mindi said...

WOW! Congrats on getting on board the ultra train!

Steve said...

The hardest step is taking the first one. You can do it, Kel! Thanks for the course map. I'll be out running it tomorrow morning.