January 11, 2009

A Little Progress

While my running goals aren't quite where I'd like them to be right now, I have made some minor progress. Today was my longest run since Surf the Murph 25K on Nov 1 - a whopping 6 miles on the hamster wheel. My heel was a little sore for the first mile, but then settled down. With Chippewa looming just a few months away, I'd like my mileage to be double what it is right now, but I really want to get this bursitis put to bed before the trail running season hits full swing.

Strength training continues to go well!

I paid my annual dues for membership in the Upper Midwest Trail Runners and signed up for both the MN Trail Run Series and the Fab Five Fifties Ultra Series. It seemed like a good idea at the time ;)

Steve has posted the 2009 Fab Five Fifties races (I believe the dates on his blog are correct unlike the dates on the UMTR website), and some of us will be meeting next weekend to choose the races for the 2009 MN Trail Run Series. Instead of the same races year after year, there will be a few new games in town this year! Stay tuned!


Mindi said...

I think you are smart to hold back until you heal up. WIth that said, I hope you are back in business sooner than later! Good luck!

MN Ultra Runner said...

Hey Kel, glad to hear things are progressing! See you in 103 days if not before (I'm looking at your Chippewa counter).

Wayne said...

Kel - good job on making some progress, especially at this time of year when motivation can be a little low at times.

So when you come up with a super set of trail runs for the series, will you shoot the moon again?? Or maybe you're going to shoot the moon in the Fab Five Fifties? :)

I need to get signed up for all of that stuff again...

Kel said...

No moon shootin' for me this year ;)