August 9, 2009

Planning for Lean Horse

Lean Horse is looming large, and I don't feel ready.

I'd hoped to get at least another 20+ mile run in since Grand Island Marathon, but each of the last 2 weekends all I could muster was about 12.5 miles at Hyland. Last weekend, my hamstrings were starting to tighten up, so I pulled the plug early. Yesterday the humidity took it's toll and I got dehydrated to the point of feeling light headed and nauseous. Part of the problem may have been that I've also been trying some different gels and sports drinks - I guess that's why you do it in training rather than race day ;)

I'm still undecided about my nutrition strategy for the race and probably won't decide until race day. Kind of like what to wear - it always seems to go down to the last minute. Between Steve's ultra calculator and my own sports nutrition spreadsheet, I at least know my caloric and fluid needs and can plan my aid station stops accordingly. Right now I'm thinking that I'll carry Heed in my Nathan and perhaps leave a hand held in 2 different drop bags so that I can supplement with Perpetuem or Clip2 or Amino. I'd really like to forget about the hand helds and just blow through the aid stations, but the whole flavor fatigue thing and the need for protein over longer distances might make it worth while. Plain ol' gels and Heed won't cut it! I may just carry some branched chain amino acids in capsule form too (some gels have them, but in such small amounts that they don't even really count). Solid food takes too long to digest and basically just sits in your stomach during the race - nutrients aren't absorbed until long past the finish line. Decisions, decisions.

Well, the hay is in the barn as they say. I have a small barn and not much hay....will it be enough? I guess we'll know in 2 weeks!


Londell said...

I recall my first 50. Looking back I also thought I was not prepared. I recalled the week before I almost decided not to go do it. But then I quit thinking about it and just kept the nerves low. I was surprised how well it went? I know this is hard but stress makes it difficult. Seeing you at two ultra's this year you looked great and strong. You will be fine, just stay calm and get to the finish! Looking forward to a report.

Helen said...

It is coming up too fast! But I always stick with the mantra of better to be under-trained than over-trained... I am not sure if it was just someone lazy who came up with that but I hope not :)

I think we will have to wait until race day to make some decisions as a lot will depend on the heat out there. I need to look at the AS distances again to figure out bottles vs nathan back... ah the planning... but I guess that is all part of the fun.

See you out there!

Wayne said...

Yeah, what to do with all the nervous energy now that the 'work' is done?? If you figure it out let me know... after my Colorado distraction I'll start this process for Superior. :)

Enjoy all the planning and prep as it's part of the fun (to a point), and then remember to "just keep going". You'll do it.