October 7, 2009

Running Plans This Weekend

I noticed on the Surf the Murph web site that RD Les is having another training run at Murphy-Hanrehan park this Saturday. I will probably join him with the intention of running 2 loops in weather that is currently being predicted as snow showers with temps starting in the 30's and warming to the mid-40's by afternoon. You know, a real scorcher. I'll be wearing running tights for this one, so hopefully I can avoid another prickly ash bite like I got a few days ago:

My current plan is to park at the horse camp, run the 3.5 ish miles from there to the main lot, and go with whoever shows up from there. I'd like to review the "bonus loops" that aren't on the map but ARE part of the course. There is a "fun little hill" (as Les puts it) up to the first aid station that had me using my hands the one time I did it - and that was with a dry trail. In wet weather we may need screw shoes to get up that thing!

Anyhoo, my car at the horse camp can serve as another aid station that I/we can hit twice on each loop for whoever cares to join me.

For future runs I'd like to run a few miles in the dark to get used to the trail with my headlamp and handheld flashlight to try different options. Trails have a way of looking completely different in the dark, and this one's got enough rocks and holes to make things interesting, especially when they're hidden in leaf litter. Just thought I'd put that out there for another near future training run idea ;)


RunWesty said...

Enjoy your run, hopefully the mud will be drying up, if not enjoy it too.

Any chance you are taking your garmin and could post the bonus loops if Les guides you through them? I can't make it Saturday morning but I would like to have at least one look at where they might go.

Have a good run.

Wayne said...

Yikes, Kel... that prickly ash really got you. Maybe I'll see you at 8am Sat - I think a loop at Murphy would be my best plan. My other thought is to play spectator at Whistle Stop but that's a pretty long road trip for the day. Have a good run.