December 2, 2009

Snowshoeing at Afton

Got the Afton State Park newsletter from Assistant Park Manager Rachel today, and it's got info about a new snowshoeing class that will meet at the park's visitor center. Classes will run from 2-3 pm on the following dates:

Dec 13
Jan 10
Jan 24
Feb 7
Feb 14

Classes will be taught by UMTR member Jim McDonell (who is also in charge of the brand spankin' new Braveheart Snowshoe Race Series) and is open to all abilities. Afton has some snowshoes available to rent if you need them :)

For more info or to register (no mention if the class is free, but snowshoe rentals are $6), call 651-436-5391.


Mark H. said...

Thanks for posting. I want to start getting out on snowshoes this year. Maybe even a race or two.

nwgdc said...

HI Kel-

I saw on Westy's site that you mentioned making Chippewa a Fat Ass run, and wanted to know I'll help in any way need to make it happen! In fact, my PARENTS would help in any way needed, too! When I told them about the event being cancelled, they were as disappointed as Me! If anything comes of that great idea, let me know!

Mark said...

I went to Jim's clinic today. It was really informative. Jim brought a bunch of different snowshoes and gear and talked about what worked from his years of snowshoe racing experience. I then got a guided run at Afton from Jim on my new snowshoes. It's a blast!