January 18, 2010

Winter Blues

OK, so winter isn't my favorite time of year for running. I don't like running on ice or in sub-zero temps, and the hamster wheel drives me stone. cold. insane. I've chosen to do more short runs on an indoor track while upping my barefoot miles, strength training, and I keep meaning to get to a yoga class but haven't pulled it off yet. I've also been working on getting my shoulders fixed up (tendinitis on both sides from teaching 6 theraband classes per week at a nursing home). That's finally healing up, and I just started more aggressive upper body strength exercises this past week :)

Speaking of the nursing home, one of my 98 year old exercise participants told me last week what he wants engraved on his headstone when his last day finally arrives:

"The pills didn't work."

The more I think about that one, the funnier it gets.

Still unsure of my 2010 race plans - there will probably be more "seat of the pants" last minute decisions and/or fat ass runs this year, mainly because of financial concerns and my current lack of training miles (haven't done a double digit mile run since Surf the Murph).

This weekend I will attend either the MDRA annual meeting to score some free pizza, or the NSCA Winter Strength & Conditioning Clinic to get some CEU's for one of my certifications.

Hope to get out on the trails soon!


Londell said...

Love the 98 year olds thought... I have been told to start Yoga but never have... Hope all gets better soon.

Kurt said...

Yea it can be tuff. When it is cold enuff check out the Theo Wirth Mt. Bike trails behind the golf course. They will chear you up !!

Steve said...

Kel, if you get the itch to run outside, hit the Lebanon Hills trails in Eagan. They are well-packed down and there's no ice! Awesome trail running for the winter. Keep up the barefoot training. It'll do a lot of good in the long run.

Janelle said...

Kel -

When are you going to get hooked on xc skiing? Its gentle on your body. The snowshoe trails in Hyland are in the wooded area away from the road. The walking trails at Richardson Nature Center are on natural surface, so not icy. Ice skating at Centennial. C'mon outside!