June 27, 2010

Playin' In the Dirt

It's been a fun weekend!

The recent torrential rains meant that the local running trails were good and muddy (though not as much as I'd expected) - perfect time to put on the Vibram Five Fingers and head over to Hyland! Did a 6 mile loop, left some foot prints that will probably have some folks scratching their heads, and got dirty enough that I needed to hose off before entering the house. Success :)

Finally got around to planting some flowers this weekend too. Since I got my feet and legs nice and dirty with trail running, I figured I should even things out a bit and get my hands and arms in on the action. Nice to finally have a little color on the patio!

I am in no shape to do any damage at Afton next weekend, but will still plod along the course and visit with old and new friends at the post race bar-b-que. If you've never run a trail race before, this is an awesome event. You'll get spoiled by the aid stations, which put out spreads that are like Thanksgiving feasts. The race shirts are becoming a local legend, and the people are awesome! So is the course, though it will have some minor tweaks this year due to trail closures. Looking forward to being there, even if I embarrass myself running-wise. Hope to see ya there!


Christopher said...

I was out at Afton on Saturday and noticed a few trails blocked by fallen trees from the Friday storms. I hope they get them moved/cut up this week.

I also hope the sun comes out this week to try up the trails as well - they were a bit slippery.

See you at Afton!

Londell said...

At least you are going to do it... I am still a little ways away from that stage! Will be out there with camera in hand, so smile nice!

Wayne said...

Yay for mud and VFFs. Enjoy Afton - a family reunion is keeping me away this year and I'm bummed!

Loser said...

Kel, I came across your blog while looking for reviews of the Grand Island Trail Marathon. How would you compare Grand Island in terms of terrain and difficulty to some of the Twin Cities area trails (Hyland, Afton, Murphy-Hanrehan...)? Thanks.
A fellow MTU grad

Kel said...

Loser, Grand Island is pretty tame as far as terrain for trail races goes. Mostly non-technical, much of it relatively flat, just a few ups and downs every few miles with climbs & descents up/down hills that are only about 200 feet high (most of the stuff in the Twin Cities is closer to 300 feet). There are 2 beach runs right at water's edge that are unique and fun!

Easier than Afton or Murphy, probably closer to Hyland in terms of difficulty (but way more scenic). Great beginners trail race in my opinion.

Beautiful course - you'll love it! Have fun!