July 25, 2010

Quick Updates

Afton State Park

Been trying to find out more info about the North Country Trail Run course since the race is only 5 weeks away. There is a surprising lack of beta considering the race has been around for a decade. Like, where the drop bag locations are (I've asked the RD that question 3 times since March - still haven't heard). Or the elevation profile (race reports I've found range from over 10,000 vertical feet to 19,000), but no official word from the race organizers. So, does anyone know where the drop bag locations are or what the elevation profile is like?

Since it seems apparent that my upcoming races are hilly, it makes sense to start doing more concentrated hill work (ie repeats). Had some clients out of town last week, which provided an opportunity to get out to Hyland Hills ski area for an hour Tuesday morning. The humidity has been tough lately, but the legs felt pretty good.

Went out to Afton yesterday with the hope of getting a 20+ miler in on the hills, but I was absolutely starving after a few hours and pulled the plug at 13. The humidity was tough again yesterday too. I also gave Vespa a second try, although this time I was drinking Heed (slightly less concentrated than usual) rather than just plain water. It worked better than last time, but I'm still not sure if I'm sold on it. I've never had bonking problems with my regular routine of gels, coke, Heed, etc so it may not be worth messing with something that already works.

During my run yesterday I saw baby turkeys, a white tail doe who stood still and watched me go by from about 20 feet away without ever leaving, only 2 buzzards (neither of which were circling), and no snakes.

It was kinda weird being out at Afton for 3 hours and NOT seeing a single person that I knew. That's because everyone else was at Voyageur - congrats to those who toed the line or volunteered! Wish I could have been there with you!

I may regret posting this, but the blackberry patches are open for business. The Afton regulars know what I'm talking about ;)

Sorry about having to add comment moderation to this blog, but the Asian spam bots are getting to be ridiculous. Might be time to consider moving to WordPress.


Londell said...

I know how nice it is to meet someone you know on the trail when you least expect it... Wish I was out there but weekends are to busy. Asian spammers, yep, I constantly delete the messages. Hope you get answers to the questions soon.

Take care.

Shawn said...

Kel, I've been using Hammer's Perpeteum on my long runs to see how it sits for LONG, multiple days as it provide the biggest bang for your buck in terms of concentration per ounce. It also provides the right amount of fat needed for ultras. I've found it to sit really well and gives a nice, stabilizing support of energy thats even-keeled. It has a mild taste and has no simple sugars to get sticky sweet or upset the stomach. I'm sold!