May 4, 2011

Hyland Lake Barefoot Run

Since I'd sent out invitations to dozens of people a few days ago asking them to join me for a trail run and raptor release at Hyland Lake this weekend, I decided I'd better head out there for a beta run to see what the trail conditions were like. Hyland is probably my favorite spot to run barefoot because the trails are soft, non-technical, and I still have sissy feet.

Ended up doing a leisurely 6.5 miles with my feet feeling wonderful! For the most part, the trails are dry and in excellent condition! Well, except when they're not:

Personally, I love running barefoot (or in this case, in VFF's) in the mud! Makes me feel like a kid again! I'll be out there doing it again this Saturday with some of my buddies in tow :)

Care to join us?


Mike said...

Kel - I can't run yet so I probably won't make it tomorrow. Unless I wake up pain free which is pretty unlikely. Instead, I am thinking a bike ride will have to do.

I too like the mud even though I don't have VFF's.

Enjoy the day.

shannon said...

The trails here are about as water-logged as the one you have pictured at Hyland. Once again, it is raining today and judging by the cloud cover, it will most likely rain all day.

Perfect, I know just what to wear at the Growing Green 20K tomorrow! A brown shirt, brown shorts, brown socks, and brown shoes ... :)

No, I didn't see the eagle or the eagle's nest at the Runnin' in the Ruff. Due to a recently torn/ruptured plantaris tendon (which is healing nicely) I kept my eyes on the trail at all times to avoid falling and reinjuring my leg.