March 29, 2008

Hyland Lake Trail Conditions

Well Gang, I was a little late getting out the door to the afternoon orienteering skills clinic, so I grabbed my camera and decided to check out the current trail conditions at Hyland Lake park. More specifically, I wanted to check out the trail conditions on the Trail Mix course. I didn't get around to the Lake or Hill Trails at the south end of the park, and I skipped the ski hill (the goat track leading up the back side looks like a mud slide right now), but I hiked the rest of the northern section.

In general: northfacing slopes and trails in the woods are still snow covered - I'd estimate that to be about 40% of the trail that I checked. About 5-10% of the trail is very runnable, but in short sections that are few and far between. Really short sections. Really few. Really far between. I'd estimate that 5% of the trail is currently under water, another 5% is deep, soft, shoe stealing mud, and the other 40% is mud of varying degrees of muddiness.

In other words - give it another week or so before venturing out on the Hyland trails.


Runner Brewer said...


The trail conditions at Afton are improving, but still dicey in some spots.

It is runnable without spikes or screws, but tricky in a few spots.

Once the temp hits 40, it is quite muddy in many areas.

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Hi Kel -

I saw your comment on my blog about your post re: hip exercises. Funny - I was messing around on blogs last night and actually saw that post and did the sideways walk w/ band exercise today - before you even commented! I'll look back at it and try some others too. Thanks!

Carl Gammon said...

Even with almost 2 weeks to go, I'm sure the low spots will still be pretty muddy at Trail Mix. I've seen people try to tip toe around it on the first loop, but just plow on through after that.

It just adds to the fun. Instead of the nice runner logo on the shirts, the logo used to be a collection of muddy feet.

Bev said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have only run on dirt trails a few times but I loved it. I can see how you would really get addicted to it. Wish we had more trails around my area.