March 1, 2008

Buh Bye February

After averaging 10 miles per week for the month of February (ouch), it's time for new beginnings. February wasn't all that bad, considering I did get some things accomplished (not all related to running or fitness). Once I emerged from computer hell, I decided to spend more time doing cross training and weight lifting instead of forcing myself to run on a treadmill or outside in sub-zero temps. Running is supposed to be FUN, and for awhile, it just....wasn't. The last few days have seen warmer temps, sunshine, and it doesn't get dark until ohhhhhhh, about 6:30 ish. I'm starting to get excited about running again, which is good since the Trail Mix 25K is only a month and a half away. Yikes!

Training for the past week:
Mon: elliptical for 20 min, strength training, easy 3 miles on the hamster wheel.
Wed: barefoot kettlebell circuit, stationary bike 25 min.
Thurs: strength training, easy 3.
Fri: made campsite reservations at Temperance River for Superior spring races.
Sat: easy 8 miles 'n change at Bredesen park.

Temperance River

Other recent developments: sent in registration forms for Superior 25K and Runnin' in the Ruff 10K. Afton starts accepting regs in mid March. Also joined the Upper Midwest Trail Runners and signed up for the 2008 MN Trail Race Series. You should too ;)


keith said...

crazy how fast the winter went by, isn't it? especially when you have fun things to look forward to!

aharmer said...

Looks like your calendar is filling up fast...Larry is having a FA in Zumbro too, it'll be good to see everybody this spring. When it gets warm I'll have to buy some tanning lotion to take the edge off my ghostly glow.