June 28, 2008

Checkin' In

Hard to believe that the Fourth of July and the Afton 25K is next week already! Check out the awesome awards and shirts that Afton RD John designed! Sign up for what always proves to be an awesome race ;)

I've been forced to lay low on the running front after my 9 miler at Afton last weekend. The tendonitis in my foot has proven to be pretty stubborn, so I've been doing more strength training and biking. I even had to bail on a power hike after only 1.6 miles at RTA last Monday, and stopped after only 2 miles at Bredesen Thursday because of my foot. Now I'm hoping just to survive Afton and Moose Mountain :(

Signed up for the Mpls Trail Loppet 5K this morning - it is one of the MN Trail Run Series races in September. The entry fees go up after June 30, so if you're planning on running it for sure, register this weekend and save a little $.

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend!


keith said...

bummer about the foot, kel!

hope you're better by saturday. thanks for the heads up about the trail loppet!

see you next saturday!

Wayne said...

Well, you saved me a few bucks... thanks! Sounds like you're taking care of your foot, hopefully it gets with the program soon! See you at Afton.

Londell said...

Take care or the foot... Superior in any length in September is to much to miss...