June 3, 2008

Training Week

My foot feels much better than it did 2 weeks ago when I was limping and it hurt to even stand on it, but it's still not completely healed. I've been sticking mainly to the treadmill the past week and a half, but finally ventured out for 2 laps around Bredesen over the weekend. Was really hoping to meet up with the gang at Afton on Sunday, but any uneven terrain at all right now is really getting the foot riled up. Even 4 miles on asphalt at Bredesen got it pretty sore again (longest run I've done since the tendonitis started).

I'm a little worried about Chester Woods 10 mile this weekend - I haven't run on trails at all since Superior and am still going backwards after even short runs. This may turn out to be a power hike rather than a run.

I'm much more worried about Sour Grapes half marathon next weekend - I've heard that it's a pretty "bumpy" course where it's easy to roll your ankles (a few ankle eversions at Superior is how this all started). And I feel ridiculously out of shape at this point.

5/28 - 2 miles on the treadmill + strength training. Foot so-so afterwards. Ice.
5/30 - 3 miles on the treadmill + strength training. Foot ok afterwards, iced anyway.
5/31 - 4 miles at Bredesen - foot got kinda sore afterwards. Ice.
6/1 - 2+ miles near home - foot got sore enough that I pulled the plug early (was planning on 5) and walked the last 3. More ice.
6/2 - backwards squat intervals on the Ellipse + upper body strength training.
6/3 - 3 miles on the treadmill. Advil.

At least I'm able to do a little, albeit very little, running at this point. The toughest part is trying to find the patience to let this heal so it doesn't become chronic.


Wayne said...

Yeah... patience, one of those necessary evils sometimes. :) I guess the good news is your first statement: "My foot feels much better than it did 2 weeks ago...". But obviously it's hard when the race schedule and the healing schedule don't match up very well. I'll see you at Chester Woods, where Matt's advise is probably good: DNF == do nothing fatal.

SteveQ said...

I'm signed up for the half next week, after running FANS this weekend and I've got a bad ankle as well. Maybe, if I survive, I'll see you up there.

brent said...

Have fun at Chester Woods and take it easy on the foot... remember that fast or slow all these events are still a good time!

keith said...

Chester woods is definitely roly-poley. Of the two, I'd say Chester Woods is the one you should worry about your ankle on. Sour Grapes has a lot of sand on the course, but it isn't bad, footing wise.

Good luck!