April 24, 2009

Last Thoughts Before Chippewa

Sounds like tomorrow's weather is shaping up to be cold and wet (as in 40's with steady rain, wind, and T-storms all morning). Things may start to dry out around 3 ish in the afternoon, at which point I will probably still be plugging away. Dare I say that I almost wish this were a loop course so that I could shed or add clothing as weather dictates, especially since we can't have drop bags and I'm not bringing a crew.

With this being my first 50K, my goal is to finish and enjoy the ride. So here is my strategy:

1. Figure out what to wear. This will probably consume much time and energy right up to the last minute.

2. Toe the line.

3. Bend over.

4. Grab ankles.

4a. To make sure that shoes are tied, of course. What did you think I meant?

5. Begin with a slow pace. Very slow. Perhaps even lots of power hiking rather than running. This may even allow for a negative split if I walk a little faster after the turn around!

6. Try not to go so slow that I miss a cut off or start to attract buzzards.

7. Finish my first 50K.

8. Enjoy a post race Leine's with all of my old and new friends.

I'll let you know how my strategy turns out :)


Londell said...

I thought #4 was grabbing the ankles and 5 would be kiss the bottom goodbye... You will be fine. I am at a later aid station and will see you twice!

Get Primal said...

Good strategy! Not sure about dress code, I'm struggling with that myself. See ya soon.

Scott said...

Good Luck!! Have a great first 50k!

Runnin-From-The-Law said...

That post race beer sounds like the best part of your game plan.

wildknits said...

Great Job out there Kel!!! And glad to meet in person ;->

Mindi said...

I hope it went well for you! I look forward to hearing all about it!!