November 29, 2009

New Trail Race Schedule Blog

This seems a little silly since I haven't really been keeping up with this blog, but I've started another one just to keep track of the plethora of trail races that are coming and going in the great North Woods.

The Upper Midwest Trail Runners have a wiki that members can update as they see fit, including an activity calendar. Very cool idea! But, after spending a considerable amount of time adding info about different races from various locations that the club supposedly encompasses (I don't think we've had a single event in Michigan, Iowa, or North Dakota, but they do add a nice touch to the logo), the links end up getting deleted shortly after each race occurs. This means that rather than just updating next year's race date, one must relocate and reload all of the race info all over again each and every year.

Thus, the Upper Midwest Trail Races blog has been born! It is in it's very earliest stages at this point, but I hope you find it useful :)


SteveQ said...

Thanks for doing it, but it won't be easy! Chippewa's gone as of this week, for example.

nwgdc said...

Thanks for the (VERY DISAPPOINTING) news about Chippewa. Last year's run was my all-time favorite run, and it's gone ?! Too bad. I blame SteveQ. :)