April 21, 2008


Check out this free software called AutoStitch. It automatically creates digital panarama shots if you have overlapping digital snapshots. I took these at Bredesen Park this afternoon.

Open the software, select each of the following 3 photos...

and it produces this in just a few seconds:

Another one:

Pretty cool, huh?


Karen G said...

Yes that is really cool, do you have to subscribe to it?
Also good luck on your KSO/barefoot running.

aharmer said...

Wow, that's awesome! Look for Autostitched RTA pics on my blog soon!

Kel said...

Karen, you don't have to subscribe to anything - it's a free download.

Adam - I thought of the panoramic view from the top of the overlook at RTA - Minnesota River and Hwy 212.

Londell said...

really cool. Thanks for sharing.

Mindi said...

that is cool!