April 10, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

Well, the first big race of the season for the Upper Midwest Trail Runners is the inaugural Chippewa Moraine 50K near Chippewa Falls, WI this weekend with Wynn serving as RD. Sounds like this will be a doozy of a start to the season since we are expecting another foot of snow in these parts over the next 2 days! I think I may possibly be the only trail runner in Minnesota who won't be racing this weekend, but I'll get in the mud next Saturday with the Trail Mix 25K at Hyland Park in Bloomington.

There are a few other updates related to this years Minnesota Trail Race series to mention:

The Afton Trail Run has a brand spankin' new website, and it's pretty spiffy! John will be replacing Scott as RD, but I'm confident that it will continue to be a spectacular affair, and that there is still absolutely no whining allowed ;)

The SMU Trail Scamper has their registration form available to download here, and a view of the course map here.

The Chester Woods RD has recently started a blog. Check it out for updates and trail conditions. You can also view the course map here and register online here.

Good luck to everyone running (or snowshoeing) at Chippewa, Mad City, McNaughton, or wherever this weekend!


Bryan said...

Thanks Kel! See you at Trail Mix!

SteveQ said...

I'll see you at Trail Mix too, assuming I survive Chippewa!