April 29, 2008

In Search of Hills

RT Anderson overlook

The exercises that most people dislike the most are typically the ones they need the most. They're also the exercises that folks avoid doing, because, well, they don't like them. As a result, weaknesses develop, which makes us dislike them even more. So we avoid them even more. Vicious cycle that can turn into disaster. Unfortunately, I am no exception, even though I know better given what I do for a living.

So after a long winter of dismal, unfocused, spotty training, I realized I need to haul my carcass up and down some hills to get ready for the Superior and Afton races (among others). Not just gentle measly bumps ala Hyland (most of which I still ended up walking at Trail Mix), but steep, serious hills.

Since Trail Mix, I've been doing more strength training, tempo runs, and hill repeats on the treadmill during crappy weather days. Today, I went out to RT Anderson for the first time since the November Fat Ass run. Had the place to myself. Sunshine. Light wind. Trail in pretty good condition (a few short slippery spots that should dry up in no time). Fresh turkey tracks. Nice single track. Felt kinda gassed after only 2 loops (4.5 miles according to Garmin). Nice hills!

I definately need to spend more time on the hills.


Wayne said...

Nice job, Kel. I imagine the serious hills at the RTA will meet with McPatten's approval. :)
I might actually find myself out there on Sunday...

aharmer said...

No fair Kel, you beat me to the overlook for some Autostitching! Wish I could have joined you today, it's beautiful out! I'm in Duluth but can't (don't want to) run on SHT due to the mud.

Carl Gammon said...

I was out there on Sunday. That's certainly better training for Superior and Afton than Hyland. Of course, you can always make the drive out to Afton a few times before July. That certainly has helped me.

I'll see you at Superior in a couple of weeks.

keith said...

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