March 8, 2009

First Week of March

...went so-so, but not as good as I would have liked on the running front. I am really behind in my base building and am starting to panic a little about Chippewa. Only got 20+ miles in this week, and that has actually been one of my better weeks this winter :(

Mon: cross training on bike and elliptical, strength training upper body
Tues: 5 miles on the hamster wheel with a couple tempo run miles and a couple hill miles at a brisk walk
Wed: strength training legs
Thurs: man my legs are sore after yesterday's 5 set squat pyramid. Nada.
Fri: legs still sore, strength training upper body
Sat: 13.5 miles around the Lakes. Was kinda wishful thinking for 16, but my last "long" run was only 13 and that was a month ago before I got sick for 2 weeks. Thirteen felt harder than it should have, and my feet were killing me. Reminded me why I run trails instead of pounding the asphalt. On an up note, I finally found the perfect combination for carrying water on a long run!
Sun: strength training upper body and a short 2 mile tempo run on the treadmill. Heel bursitis is holding up pretty well - about 99% healed. I was pleased to be able to run today without any problems after a relatively longish run yesterday that left my heel a little sore.

I'm really looking forward to spring so that I don't have to choose between treadmill vs ice! And I really, really need to get out on trails to start some serious hill training (up AND down) in addition to ramping up the mileage.


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

I hear ya - I'm ready for the spring weather too. Let's hope the weather people are wrong about any more snow, like they were wrong about the snow for today!

SteveQ said...

Wish I could find a hydration system that works for me - bite valves always make my teeth hurt and I've only one good hand for a handheld. Maybe I'll go back to running Voyageur without a bottle.

Nah. Prob'ly not.

Kurt said...

I am with you on wishing for open trails. I am done with the ice, I need some mud.

Wayne said...

No need to panic... looks like you are getting lots of leg work in, with a decent amount of running. Who wants to peak in April anyway?? :)