March 30, 2009

A Trail Run


Got out to Hyland Lake yesterday for my first trail run since Surf the Murph last Nov 1. Did 3 laps of an abbreviated version of the Trail Mix course for a total of 18.2 miles.

As far as trail conditions go, I thought they were in very good shape considering it's late March. Almost all of the snow is gone with just a few small stubborn patches that don't really matter. I got there early enough that the air temps were still below freezing, so my first loop went fairly easy. As time went on and the temps got warmer, the mud began to thaw so that the second and third loops were progressively muddier. Still, the trails are very runnable, and in many places are dry and in excellent shape!

Felt good to be out in the woods listening to the woodpeckers, geese, and all the other birds and critters.


RunWesty said...

Well done, ain't it grand to be on dirt again :-), Good luck with all of your runs leading up to Chippewa.

Wayne said...

Way to get out there, Kel. Consider yourself ready for Chippewa!! :)

Kel said...

Yes, it sure felt good to get back in the dirt!

And even though I don't feel ready for Chippewa, I'm going to toe the line anyway ;)