March 26, 2009

Sick of Winter

The title of this post says it all! With all of the cyclic snow melting and refreezing on a daily basis, I figure we'll have pot holes big enough to water ski on in another week.

Since I don't like running on ice or the treadmill, I've really been struggling to get motivated for long training runs. As a result, Chippewa is shaping up to be a power hike/death march rather than a trail race next month. Longest run to date since Surf the Murph last November was only 16 miles a week and a half ago, and similar to a 13 miler the week before, the bottoms of my feet were really sore after about only 12 miles or so - almost felt like they were bruised. I've even been running in new Mizuno Waveriders, my road shoe of choice for the past 7-8 years, so I thought I was going crazy! Then I got the latest issue of Run Minnesota published by MDRA which had this to say about the new Waveriders in their spring shoe review:

"The Waverider alternates between being a performance shoe and a midweight training shoe. Version 12 has slimmed down to a Performance weight (under 340 grams). The midsole is noticeably thinner. The ride is more responsive, which is good for lighter runners and shorter runs, but on longer runs, testers noted that it seemed a bit less cushioned than earlier Waveriders."

I'd say that review is spot on!

Hopefully the trails are starting to thaw out so I can run on nice, soft mud instead of pounding the asphalt. Either that or I'm going to have to head back over to TC Running for road shoes that can handle a few miles.

This weekend I'll be doing my annual stretching gig at the MDRA 7 Mile in Hopkins on Saturday morning, so Sunday is looking more likely for a longer run. We'll see.


Londell said...

I have been running the MN River (north side) for two weeks now. The past few days it was great! Mud was not encountered much and snow and ice are gone... Now I just have to wait to see if the floods stop me but so far so good.

nwgdc said...

I'm completely with you on the weather (and, for that matter, the preparations for Chippewa). the weather has subsided a bit here, but the winds have been a constant 20-30 mph. yeck.

Carl Gammon said...

Frozen trails with ice can be harder than running on concrete sometimes. Our normally cushioned trails have beat me up a few times this winter, too.

I think we're over the worst of it, but I don't know how much things will dry out in the month to Chippewa. You still have a chance to get a few more long runs in. I'll see you there for all the fun.

RunWesty said...

I agree with your post and all of the comments, Chippewa will be fun regardless, that is if the snow is gone :-)

Guy said...

I've been wearing Wave Riders since I started running 3 years ago; just switched because of the very thing you commented on. Adam @ TC Running put me in a shiny new pair of Nike Zoom Vomeros; like running on clouds!