November 14, 2007

Training Week So Far

Workout #1: 10K trail run at Hyland. Beautiful day - the only other souls I saw on the trail were a white tail deer bounding through the woods and a pair of wild turkeys. The turkeys didn't chase me this time.

Workout #2: multiple bicep curls trying to settle a debate between Tyranena Hop Whore vs Surly Furious vs Summit Extra Pale Ale. They all won.

Rock climbing for the first time since May. Note to self: must make an effort to improve flexibility.

Strength training circuit followed by an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill.

Gotta get up early tomorrow and try to score a copy of the Cities 97 sampler!


aharmer said...

Love the bicep curl workout...those types of workouts always leave me sore in the morning;)

keith said...

Great workouts, Kel!

Don't forget there's a run and a meeting scheduled out at the Hyland visitor center for the Minnesota Trail Running series this saturday morning!

Kel said...

Adam, you're right, I was a little sore the next morning ;)

Keith, I'm hoping to make it out to Hyland this Saturday for the trail running series meeting. It's also Midwest Mountaineering's fall expo weekend, so I've gotta check out what their seminar schedule is. What time/distance is everyone running?