February 2, 2008

Tough Week

Had a tough week this week - more of a mental funk than anything. Reading everyone else's blogs, it seems that I'm not alone! I think I'm just sick of the treadmill, sick of sub-zero weather, sick of it being dark when I leave for work and dark again by the time I get home. I guess I'm sick of winter!

Last Sat: Three trips around Lake Calhoun for 9.65 miles. There was some kind of kite skiing event going on, where folks would hang onto the cord from a huge kite and ski across the lake - kind of like the ice version of wind surfing. Cool.

Sun: off

Mon: busy work day, nada. Coulda shoulda run outside in 40+ degree temps, but didn't. Shame.

Tues: was supposed to do a 7 mile tempo run - ended up doing 3 because I just. didn't. feel. like doing more. Shame.

Weds: busy work day, planned day off.

Thurs: strength training, but not much else. Coulda shoulda added some hill repeats, but didn't. Shame.

Fri: nada. Shame.

Sat: 10+ miles at Bredesen park. Saw lots of cardinals and a few woodpeckers! Now I've really got spring fever!

I've noticed another interesting trend the last couple of months running outside in cold weather: my heart rate actually goes down after about 5-6 miles or so, even at the same pace. Typically my heart rate goes up by that time, usually from getting overheated and/or dehydrated. I thought that maybe it had something to do with getting acclimated to slippery conditions: everything is tense at first, then becomes more relaxed after getting used to running on snow. Today the path was clear, so that theory didn't pan out. Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmmm."

Less than 3 months 'til Trail Mix!


SteveQ said...

I've heard reports that some people's heart rate drops when they hit their lactate threshold. Never met one before.

Spring is definitely in the air; I'm hearing some birds' mating calls.

aharmer said...

Spring will be hear before we know it...then we'll all get to complain about the rain, or heat, or bugs...

You'll be well rested for next week's workouts after an easy week. Thanks for the tips on bicep enduance, I'll put them to the test tonight!

kurt decker said...

yea the winter can get hard at times but we all come through it stronger.

northwoods bryan said...

Speaking of birds and spring -- while running at the RTA Ridge this past Saturday, I saw a bunch of robins!

That is the first sign of spring I've seen. It will be nice to run in a little more warmth and a little longer daylight.