January 25, 2008

Chill Music

I enjoy listening to all (well, almost all) types of music, but stripped down acoustic stuff is probably my favorite. MTV Unplugged, Cities 97 Studio C, Stripped Raw and Real, etc. Well, Boulder, Colorado has a radio station very similar to Cities 97, complete with Studio C performances. The big difference: KBCO has their entire Studio C library - several years worth - available for listening on demand online! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Goofy week training wise because of work schedule - missed a tempo run as well as some short easy stuff:

Sun: 10 miles on the treadmill - a new 'mill record! I hate the treadmill...
Mon: worked from the time I got up 'til the time I went to bed. I'm blaming it on my boss (me).
Tues: busy work day, managed to squeeze some strength training in - circuit style.
Weds: busy work day, managed to squeeze some biking in between appointments.
Thurs: Hill repeats 5 x 0.2 miles @ 8% incline - 4 miles total.
Fri: busy work day, did some strength training.

Hope to do a 9 miler outside tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Wayne said...

How about the half marathon in st. paul, for the winter carnival?? If you can do 10 on a treadmill, you can do a half outside! :)

aharmer said...

Any new PR is a good one! Heading down to the woods to meet Phillip this morning, any chance we'll see you at RTA next Saturday?

Don said...

Hi Kel,
Yep that leg with the Achilles problem just got past plantar fasciitis a few months ago, and recently I may have aggravated it with some sprint running. Everything is connected, isn't it?

Kel said...

Wayne, I ended up sleeping in and doing 3 laps around Lake Calhoun. For free :)

Adam, I'll probably wait until the last minute to decide on RTA. Depends on my work schedule, the weather, etc. It will be interesting to see what the trail conditions will be like with the goofy weather we're having this week!

Don, yes everything is connected. Hopefully the nagging aches will clear up soon!