December 22, 2007

Let It Snow

Nine Mile Creek - Bredesen Park

Still haven't tried out the new snowshoes, but I did get a little hike in this morning at Bredesen Park. I'd originally planned on getting up early to run with Carl at Lake Harriet, but never set my alarm clock and woke up at 8:30! Peering out my window, everything had a fresh blanket of heavy wet snow, but the ground looked a little slushy.

I decided to lace up my Gortex trail shoes and try a run at Bredesen, which is just a block away from home.

Access trail to Bredesen Park follows Nine Mile Creek through a tunnel under Gleason Ave.

The main trail gets plowed regularly and turned out to be pretty icy, so I headed for the interior trails which are left alone. There were some fresh ski tracks and a few inches of snow - too deep to really run very well. I think this would have been a good test for the snowshoes! Anyway, my run turned into a hike, but it was still fun and very pretty. I can't get used to seeing snow covered cattails.

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