December 29, 2007

Holiday Week

Bredesen Park

Been an up and down week as far as training goes:

Mon: Maiden voyage on snowshoes for an hour.
Tues: easy 6 mile X-Mas run.
Weds: nada
Thurs: planned day off
Fri: strength training, then 1 easy + 2 tempo + 1 easy
Sat: snowshoeing at Bredesen again

Discovered that the battery to my heart rate monitor transmitter died, which is a bummer since I was curious what my heart rate would be on snowshoes jogging vs walking. I still find jogging on snowshoes to be very inefficient - I feel like I'm actually faster walking. Oh well...

I am in the transition between early and late off season, which means:

-strength training is progressing to slightly heavier weights/ fewer reps.
-still incorporating single leg exercises to improve static and dynamic balance since we are only in contact with 1 foot on the ground at any time while running.
-adding tempo runs 1 day/week while continuing to increase long runs at an easy pace.

At this point, my first race of 2008 is shaping up to be Trail Mix 25K, but that may change depending on what we figure out for the MN Trail Running Series!


kurt decker said...

Getting out on the snowshoes is a great workout !! I also am starting my hills this week. There is a great loop of hills in Tangletown. Let me know if you ever what to know the loop I do.

Wayne said...

Hey Kel, good job getting out on the snowshoes -- keep it up! For 'motivation', sign up for the Northwoods Snowshoe Championships in Duluth. :)