December 2, 2007

Weather Wimp

I must confess - I've been a weather wimp this week. Not just yesterday when we got lots of snow and freezing rain, but the whole flippin' week. All of my runs were done on the treadmill, which I find incredibly boring, especially at this time of year when I'm just doing easy stuff (10 min/mile at 1% incline). Yesterday's 6 mile run seemed to take an eternity. I kept trying to visualize my favorite trails while I was running: the roots and rocks of Superior, the rolling prairies at Hyland, the vista from the top of the campground trail at Afton. I've got a couple more weeks of that until things get more interesting: hill repeats, tempo runs, etc. Part of the reason for the TM is that I've been doing some of the runs after strength training and it's easier to just jump on and go rather than go home, gear up, and go out again. Getting dark at 4:30 ish doesn't help either.

I will be more inclined to get outside again when I get the new snowshoes I ordered from REI in a couple weeks (Redfeather Pace on sale at REI Outlet with an additional 20% off coupon - cost less than $90). I've never even tried snowshoeing, but I think it will help my running, will be more fun that the treadmill, and it will get me outside ;)

Today is an off day, which I spent working on flexibility (I am about as flexible as a redwood). Self myofascial release using a biofoam roll followed by some active stretches. Especially tight areas today were soleus, medial gastroc, and lats. IT Band and quads are usually zingers, but not too bad today.

Self myofascial release of IT Band using biofoam roller.

Time to watch some football and snack on Adam's awesome barley shrimp salad :)


keith said...

It's taken a couple of extreme outings into the winter wonderland to get me fired up about winter. However...10 degrees tomorrow morning will find me indoors, not out at Afton. Such a bummer!

Jim Sheldon said...

Oh yes. Cold is not fun to run in. It definitely takes a strong will to convince yourself you're doing something you love. Like on was so cold my lungs were frozen by the time I was done.

Do the short ones inside.