January 5, 2008

Heat Wave

Today's workout:

I did 4 laps in the slush and snow at Bredesen for 8.2 miles in 30-ish degree weather (scorcher). Wore my trail shoes since they are gortex and repel water somewhat. Unfortunately, both of my feet are full of blisters, so I guess the customized insoles haven't really helped much. I'm thinking it's the rubber "toe bumper" that is less flexible in cold and is causing more friction than usual.


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Mindi said...


But enjoy it while you can - I know I am! My hips are sore from running in this packed snow and I am tired of the super high HR running in ridiculous temps. So I will enjoy this little running "honeymoon" while it is here! Throw off those snow shoes, kel, slather on the bodyglide and get out there! :)