January 17, 2008

They're Baaaaack!

Oh joy! I've been running in Mizuno Wave Riders for my road shoes since 2001. Dream fit at the time...almost like they were custom made. Unfortunately every year since then, Mizuno has been tweakin' the shoe a little here and there so that by the time the #10 came out, I couldn't wear them any longer. I stopped by to see Adam Lindahl at TC Running Co in Eden Prairie today, and fortunately he had some #11's that have somehow morphed to the shape of my foot once again. My beloved Wave Riders are back :)))

Now, if only I can find trail shoes with the same outcome...

Training for the week:

Sat: planned an easy 9, but went stone cold insane on the TM and bailed after 4. Shame.
Sun: self myofascial release and a little stretching
Mon: strength training and an easy 3
Tues: Hill repeats 0.25 miles @ 6% incline x 4 and 1:1 work:rest ratio. Total miles = 4.
Weds: off
Thurs: 1 easy + 3 tempo + 1 easy

This Saturday is a biggie in the MN running community:

Several folks will be doing the marathon and half marathon events at the Northwoods Snowshoe Championships in Duluth in character building cold weather.
Carl and Allan will be running the HURT 100 in Hawaii in warm, humid weather.
I'll be eating free pizza and hangin' with some road running folks at the MDRA annual party.

Enjoy your weekend!


andyb said...

Try the Mizuno Wave Ascends for trails. They are a great, lightweight trail shoe, kind of a cross between a road and trail shoe. Very comfortable.

Also, thanks for the hip abductor strengthening exercises. I am going to add a couple to my strength routine.

Kel said...

Hey Andy, thanks for the tip on the Mizuno trail shoes! Most of the trails around here don't require hard core trail shoes, so a comfortable blend would be great.

Glad to hear that you'll be doing something to strengthen your hip abductors - you'll be happy you did ;)