January 13, 2008

MN Trail Run Series

The races for the 2008 Minnesota Trail Run Series have been chosen (they are my current goal races listed on the right). Twelve races that cover distances ranging from 5K to marathon at various locations throughout the state.

I can't wait!


aharmer said...

Thanks for posting the list, I was wondering when that would be up. I went to college in Winona and the SMU run will be beautiful! Really great track back there in the bluffs, I'll probably schedule a long run down there finishing with the race.

Wayne said...

Looks like a good list... nice to see things are coming together. I can hardly wait as well.
So, are you doing all 12?? :)

Kel said...

Adam, the Winona area is a beautiful spot - probably some nice steep climbs?

Wayne, I hope to do all 12, but we'll see what happens ;)

kurt decker said...

The trail series is great I would tell everyone to give the races a try. A great way to see how great trail races are without having to do a ultra.

Also thanks for the great workout pictures !!! They are a great help.